Potential gel bag for my 33Shakes?

2 dry gels into one foldable bottle.

2 dry gels into one foldable bottle.

I was trying to figure out how to take my chia energy gels (33Shake) with me on my marathon – without having to wear a belt of any sort as this often causes issues around the stomach area; which is very much reduced these days but still it doesn’t like a belt tight round it for marathon distance. My shorts back pocket allow for 2 made up gels to be stored but then you have 2 tops to twist off and have to throw the packaging (not so bad on a marathon where there are marshals but not good in the countryside).

I could have poured the dry contents into a 500ml wide rimmed disposable water bottle but if i did this it would be like running the first have with a maraca until I added water after the halfway point; also you are left clutching a bottle for the whole distance.

After a brilliant suggestion on twitter, I found a 480ml foldable bottle from Trespass, purchased at Nevis Sports (on offer at £2.50). I tested it the other day by pouring 2 sachets in and seeing how it fared on a 10 mile run. It was easy to use and once I had finished with the gels (I would not normally take anything for 10 miles but this was an experiment) I folded the bottle up into the back pocket! It was relatively easy to hold and obviously got smaller as the run went on.

I shall try it out in anger on Sunday at the Blackpool Marathon (I don’t know why but I like it) – the only thing I will do is add 4 gels and extra water to ensure it is a bit more watery as this will aid the ingestion – I can retop it up at water stops to make it last the whole second half. I do have to remove the sports cap and drink through the wide rim as the seeds do not flow through a sports cap.Still,  it’s a cheap solution to avoiding carrying excess baggage and should be great on long trail runs. Roll on Sunday.

You can find the bottles on Amazon. And here is a link to the rather tasty, effective and healthy 33Shake chia gels



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