Obesity viewed as normal?

Obese male


There was a disturbing piece of news today which was that England’s Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies was concerned that people considered being obese as normal.


At the moment in the UK approximately two thirds of the population are overweight and this can bring with it a lot of health  issues

Dame Sally made two important points:

Most adults in England are overweight or obese. As a society, we are in danger of ‘normalising’ being overweight, which is not good for our health. We should be striving to popularise healthy weight as ‘normal’.

Active travel (walking and cycling) is good for our health, and more should be done to make it even safer, which will encourage more people to travel this way.

You can read what The Independent had to say about the report here:


The full report, based on a 2012 study can be downloaded here.

Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer: Surveillance Volume, 2012: On the State of the Public’s Health

The point this raises is if being overweight is now normalised (in the US it is classed as a disease – does that mean you can catch it?), then that means a large proportion of health workers and our politicians and other people responsible for policy implementation and health issues (eg GPs); as well as our educators – are likely to be overweight.

So lets be honest and upfront – there are dangers and limitations to being overweight but if the majority of the population is in that state then where are the role models and educators?

I will write a detailed piece on this shortly but definitely food for thought.




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